Lernen Fördern-Bundesverband, (Germany)

LERNEN FÖRDERN is a self-help and specialist association that supports people with learning disabilities. Main issues are early diagnosis, education, training, lifelong learning and participation in society. There are about 20.000 members throughout Germany.

They belong to all social classes and all sorts of professions. The members are active in self-help groups, in regional associations and in supra-regional federations. People with learning disabilities and their relatives can get information and advice. In addition to the usual work an association does plus the support of different local self-help groups LERNEN FÖRDERN organizes symposia, seminars and informational events.

LERNEN FÖRDERN was founded in 1968 and since then a nationwide network has been created. LERNEN FÖRDERN is politically involved by being represented in political bodies and also by being present and heard in the legislative procedure.

LERNEN FÖRDERN publishes a magazine four times a year. This is the only magazine nationwide concerning learning disabilities for specialists, people with learning disabilities and their relatives. In addition to the magazine several self-help booklets have been published. In 2015 a specialist book with the title „Simple language in education and training“ and in 2016 a specialist book with the title "Learning disability – handicap at second glance" have been published.