Learning/Teaching/Training Activities

There are two transnational learning/teaching and training activities planned:

1. Train-the-trainer workshop at the Berufsbildungswerk in Mosbach-Heidelberg (Germany) facility in order to test out and introduce the diagnostic tools.
(16 – 18 October 2019)

The SEC4VET project partnership develops instruments for the assessment and support of social-emotional competences. From 16 to 18 October 2020, a three-day train-the-trainer seminar for teaching staff and specialists took place at the Berufsbildungswerk Mosbach. The participants were introduced to the concepts for assessment and training. Under the leadership of the project team of the University of Bamberg, numerous seminar units were held to explain the basics and practical application of the standardized procedures of self-assessment and external assessment as well as performance testing for young people with cognitive impairments. The assessment tool covers multiple dimensions of social-emotional competences. Finally, practical exercises on social-emotional competence development were presented to the participants in order to get to know further concrete support measures for the school and training sector.
20 participants from 5 countries were trained as users of the assessment tool.

2. A work camp called “We are Europe" in order to test out the “Intellectual output 3” at the Centro Studi Opera Don Calabria, in Ferrara (Italy).
(May 2020)

The SEC4VET Project will end with an international symposium at the Josefsheim Bigge facility, in Olsberg (Germany).