Berufsbildungswerk, Mosbach-Heidelberg (Germany)

The Vocational Training Center Mosbach-Heidelberg is an institution for the vocational training of young adults with special educational needs. It offers vocational training in (state-) recognized and specifically regulated professions as well as vocational preparation.

Curricula, training structure, equipment and especially professional support are tailored to the needs of the target group. Our trainees may have learning difficulties, mental problems or physical or medical conditions.

In our workshops, our school, our various living arrangements, leisure time activities and last but not least by our specialist departments we offer integral and interlinked support on site. Professionals like vocational trainers, teachers, social pedagogues, psychologists and doctors work closely together.

Besides or after vocational preparation professions in the fields of wood, metal, painting, home economics/ nursing, office, logistics, bicycle maintenance, commercial cleaning, hairdressing/ cosmetics and agriculture/ gardening can be chosen. New professions planned are IT and forest work.

We have two main sites, Mosbach and Heidelberg, and a farm in Schwarzach. In Mosbach we have a psychiatric and neurological clinic on campus which offers cooperation and support.

We are mainly financed by the German Employment Agency, in some cases the Government Office for Youth Welfare, who chose and send rehabilitants.

And together we enable successful development.