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Bajai EGYMI (Hungary)

Our school is called Nursery School, Primary School, Special Vocational School, Unified Special Education Institution of Baja. It is a complex, multipurpose institution with 175 teachers, 57 pedagogy assistants, 47 technical workers and with 520 students.

100% of our students are with special educational needs. These special needs include learning disabilities, communication disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders and physical disabilities. Students take part in improving teaching and improving training where, with the help of different therapies, they can learn how to fulfil the basic living needs. In many cases students with disabilities start nursery school in the institution, then they can stay here in the primary school. After the primary education students have opportunity to take part in the preparatory classes of the special vocational school. During this year they can learn common knowledge and skills. The object of the training–teaching is to help individuals with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency. In the vocational school students can choose different trades: painter, bricklayer, car maintainer- cleaner, kitchen assistant, gardener assistant, nurse assistant, joiner and clayobjects maker. Duration of the total trainings is 4 years and of the partial trainings is 2 years.

We provide a lot of out of school activities for our students. We have a youth residence.

Travelling special education organization is the part of the institution. Approximately 480 students from other schools are improved by our teachers.

In our institution the essential object of training – teaching is to introduce special needs students to social expectations, to contribute to the prosperity of the individual and to integrate them into the labour market.

The teamwork is very good in our school. The different departments can work efficiently with each other.

The institution houses several professional competitions, conferences and scientific meetings.

We have very good relationship with other institutions and organisations in Hungary and over the border. (Croatia- Osijek, Serbia- Subotica, Novi Sad, Rumania- Miercurea-Ciuc, Germany- Waiblingen,Mosbach, Slovakia- Ladice, Czech- Republic- Kelc)

Our institution is nationally unique with its size, professionalism and training offer.

Thanks to the diversified activities and our employees' efficient professional work the institution has the following titles:

  • Eternal Eco-school
  • Cycling-friendly Workplace
  • Mentoring Institution
  • Non-violent, Healthconscious School