AFID Diferença Foundation, Lisbon (Portugal)

The AFID Difference Foundation is a charitable organization, created on June 23, 2005, by the National Association of Families for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities - AFID (1985), which focuses on rehabilitation initiatives, education, training and integration of persons with disability.

AFID also promotes a wide range of activities of community support and close to home services in the areas of social assistance, infant care and senior assistance, as well as environmental care services.

Vision: A quality and active life for people with disabilities and other target groups in an inclusive society.

Mission: To promote autonomy and social support, health, education and training, in a sustained manner, fight exclusion, protect the clients and the heritage of the Foundation, and guarantee excellence in service provision.

Social Responses: In the area of disability we have Occupational Activities Centers, Residential Homes, Vocational Training, a Resource Center for Inclusion and a Child Development Support Unit; for the elderly we have: Home Support Service and a Residential Structure; In health we have a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. Some of the services are provided at the residence of the elderly and people with disabilities.

AFID social work is certified by the ISO 9001:2008 Norm and by EQUASS – Level II - Excellence, in all its services, having become the first of its kind to achieve this goal in Portugal, and currently rating within the 17 top institutions in Europe in terms of the EQUASS certification system.

Currently, AFID cares for over 1560 persons within its existing structures, having become one of the country’s most important Social Institutions – due both to the extension, diversity and comprehensiveness of the services it provides, but above all, by the efficiency of its management and technical intervention. And we have 213 staff members.

In the Occupational Activities Center and Vocational Education Training the primary goal is to aid social-labour inclusiveness of people with intelectual disabilities, with the strong belief that everyone has work potential.