Assessing and promoting
social-emotional competences
of young people
with cognitive impairments
in vocational education and training

Erasmus+ Project "SEC4VET"


The importance of social-emotional competences – with private and professional contexts – has been increasingly recognised in the last few years.
In the area of education and psychology there have been more approaches that explicitly deal with the recording and development of social-emotional competences.

In addition to the professional competencies, occupational education also refers to personal, methodical and social competencies as the objectives of training and accompanying education. While the professional competencies are described in great detail within the scope of framework curriculums and the curricula, there is a lack of representation for the development of social-emotional competences.

Even in occupational rehabilitation there are no systematic approaches on how to comprehensively diagnose the social-emotional competences of participants and initiate targeted support based on this.

Against this background, the SEC4VET project is developing instruments to enable a systematic assessment and individual-targeted support of social-emotional competences in vocational training.

SEC4VET stands for Social-Emotional Competences for Vocational Education and Training.
The number “4” refers to the four instruments that were developed within the scope of this EU project and it also stands for the word “for”.

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